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Best of Me Part. 5

Burn after reading - 50, 51, 53

Oh clarify my toughts in the smoke of this cigarette oh let me live my lights and the last goodbyes that i meant so stop, going crazy about my flaws and my dreams and this rainy cloud that stops overhead when i sleep i know that you love me and the fantasy of the future i should have
sometimes is good to go away to stay inside and relax but my body hackes to make mistakes in the unknown times
so break away of this addiction life is a crazy contradiction go with the flow of this river let it go
one last day we might get to play you and me your guitar strings my voice my words of choice i love you...

Best of Me Part. 4

"sec 30" 
Letter for you Mr. Politician - Bfiftytwo + Visceras

Oh mr politician 3x
I grow tired of your lies i just cant shut my eyes Im not blind and i can see what what you doing
im not laying on the floor waiting for you to step on me to step on my family fast growth on your account for your numbers i dont count
anymore, anymore no no no no no
Oh mr politician this cant go on tell me what to do point me way to go you trying to reuducate my mind trying to control what say why oh why
Oh mrs politician 3x You say the young are our future our future then you call me over to take their wrights a hot meal on the table this is all ask
Oh Mrs. Politician this cant go on tell me what to do point me way to go
and there you are saying what you cant do Sitting up there, the whole world beneath you You got the finger on the button

Best of Me Part. 3

Isto e para ser imaginado com um fantastico som leve i slow tempo the blues um pouco ao estilo de the doors...

My Road

I crack my whip and i dont care
if i trust in gold i dont fucking swear

but all my words are made for sharing with you

cracking down your silhoutte
and all i see is your cigarette

no women in the world would make me beg
but here i stand wondering what wear
here i stand wondering what wear

long down this crazy roads
this tarmac show some wonder worlds

be still so i can confide
without your taste i cant survive
your dark skin takes me away
oh those breasts make me wanna play
like those games this kids are in
last place i wanna be

if you kill make sure i am the one to blame
some people want to run away
but my baby dont go cause want i to stay
baby dont go cause i want to stay

fled this town on a merchant ship
my baby told me young boy dont trip
cause i know i must hide from this law
oh sorry it was i crime i did not saw

and this damn pigs wanna pin on me

i wrote a lette…

Best Of Me Part. 2

If I can/Se puder

Gotta break the addiction
Face my life with a brand new intention
scars stay while the skin grows thicker another someone like you sounds simpler when in truth must be harder cause if i had a team u would be my starter you and me destroying all the rules then i would feel the strength to defeat the 93 bulls call me Pippen and you would just like mike wanna feed your force strike after strike but we just break up so you can return to the bating cage and what is left of me besides rage and if life is like a movie why do i feel I'm in a stage wishing i could make love potions just like a mage  want you to strike out so i could move just one base i don't call it revenge call it even and move to the next phase call me pussy for what i said fuck you i have the wright of being pissed and after all everyone calls me stupid for once more trusting the cupid
todos cometemos erros after all we do have flaws et cest fini let me tell you what i can see as tuas costas voltadas and you running for t…

Best Of Me Part. 1

Bem para salvar algumas das melhores letras que escrevi e publiquei no Facebook vou postar aqui...


"Se este sentimento não se apaga
e no corpo desgastado de batalha só propaga
lembra a letra desgatada
no caderno preto que lembra
a cada folhear se tenta
retraçar a história
que suspensa apenas sustenta
uma vida promissória
e se voltar a ostentar palavra
prometo que ninguém me trava
são rimas e batidas desta geração escrava
numa luta parva
contra o poder que não para por nada
sem consciencia do que somos a revolução retarda
mas quando partir martir serei
as memórias levarei
e se encontrar o individuo a que chamam deus
prometo dar-lhe um estouro por ter levado os meus
e pela injustiças a mim e aqueles que amo
hipocrita de merda, e eu já tão insano
se as marcas no meu corpo têm significado
juro que ainda faltam marcas para ter clarificado
que se me vou embora não é por vontade
é por falta de possibilidade
mas eu volto
levo comigo a mente com que me solto
e a experiencia de um l…