A mostrar mensagens de Julho, 2012

Weird Feelings Part One

Well I usually try to avoid writting long texts in english because the flaws start to pop up now and then, but it is trully a great way to train and test my knowledge of the second language I know, I'll try to avoid the spelling checker so if anyone finds a loose end tell me so I can learn a little more, by the way and being completly honest with you, I kinda need to write this and don't want someone to read it, so that's the real reason for me to writte in english. Weak ass, I know. Here it goes.

Everyone that walks accross your path. Chances are they teach you something. In rare cases they leave a void or a huge mark in your soul like a super hot brand leaves a mark in a bulls skin, by mistake we let them do that to us, we start to break apart all those defenses and barriers in wich we hide ourselves the next thing are deepest secrets and feelings that are spilled out and before you know it you are like BP oil spill, all over the place and uncontrolable, then it comes th…