A mostrar mensagens de Novembro, 2011

Best of Me Part. 8

Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco, shout out to him, well he fired me up and I just got his beat and did the rest. Hope once again you like it would be the last time I got a lyric up before moving to Netherlands to work so this a bit about how life in Portugal feels like and a final word before this move...

Original Song


Born on fallen country

all of Europe want us to burn away

looking out for their money

no one wanna help today

now I gotta move

now I gotta run

while Sarkozy and Merkel say that where done

they call it a union

so why not act as one

this Europe is not passion

after all is just a fling

while Milan lives with fashion

some of us have a dream

we lack the great leaders

we lack the peace makers

Athens eaten by fire

we have no fire fighters

such amazing countries

so why should people die

hungry for some pie

angry for no change

getting hopes up that this is just a phase


Best of Me Part. 7

Random song about something else - Bfiftytwo

Epah ao ouvir OkGo o primeiro verso começou a surgir do nada... a partir dai achei este instrumental eu sei que há uma musica mas nem a ouvi para nao me influenciar... portanto... fiquem

I dont care about songs
that my radio plays
I don't I care about the time I waste
in this place

I'm observing the moon
reaching out to the sun
getting my fears away
if I have some
if i make mistakes
sorry to the reason holders
sorry to the truth seekers
dancing around the reapers

This is just a random song
this is just about < something else

(< = break)

you wouldn't find in me troopers
army's or navy's
weapons to attack
just a dangerous heart
feeding from vultures
getting sidetracked
by the random acts of worthless
meaningless living

I'm observin the rain
clearing out the blood stain
that you left behind
that you wouldn't even
think about healing
and burst my lungs screaming